About Mother Earth Natural Branch Flutes 

Danuwa makes flutes from branches (Mother Earth Natural Branch Flutes)that the tree has shed.Danuwa makes the flutes in his own unique style,leaving the branch flutes as natural as they came to him as much as possible.Except for the tuning holes, flue & to shape the mouth piece.The branch flutes he makes are not wood burned, painted, or altered in anyway from their natural unique look..Some of the flutes come out Grandfather tuned in the old traditional way as my ancestors did.Others come out concert tuned.Danuwa also makes flutes from different things. 

                                                                              About  Golden Goose Flutes 

Danuwa wanted to recycle wood that had been previously made into bedposts,baseball bats,dressers & etc.He wanted to see the wood be given a second chance at life, rather than see it put into the dump or burned up.So he started lathing this wood into flutes.I don't ask much for my flutes to adopt them.It depends on how much the out of pocket cost is.I do not charge any labor for making the flute.It is a gift  from Creator so I pass on the love.My reward & happiness comes from knowing that someone could get a flute to play that was made for them.I know times are tough,so by being able to make the good quality flutes and make them affordable is my reward.It is my way of giving back 

                                                                                            Our Guarantee

I stand by my craft.I guarantee the flutes for problems 30 days after your purchase or if you have gotten the flute & it didnt work out for you,I will exchange it for one that works for you or give you credit on another one, or fix it.On fixing it,I pay for shipping, both ways.On exchanges you have to pay for return shipping .Its hard to know if the flute will work for you untill you get it & play it.No one wants to buy a flute and have a flute that they cant use.My goal is for you to be 100% satisfied with your flute.
                                                                                    Custom Flutes
I can make you a custom flute to your specs.To fit you, in the key you want, & type of wood.Either a natural branch or a flute from recycling wood from other things.Just email me with your request.Do you have a piece of wood you would like made into a flute?Baseball bats,old furniture?Email me and let me know.

 Payment Options - Paypal, Any major credit or debit card (if you dont have a paypal account)For Money Orders or Checks Email Us with Request to pay by that method.We will send you our address to send payment to. We accept Offers.
Thanks For Looking,Many Blessings,Danuwa,Woya,& Yona Waya
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I grade my flutes by quality of the tuning,looks,&  workmanship.
1.Well tuned,looks ok.
2.Well tuned,looks very good
3.Well tuned,looks stunning
4.Well tuned has unusual features 
5.Concert tuned,looks ok. 
6.Concert tuned,looks very good. 
7.Concert tuned,looks stunning.
8.Concert tuned has unusual features
9.Concert tuned,added features
10.Concert,Harmonically,Perfectly Tuned,Stunning looks,plays awesome
11-Grandfather Tuned (Tuned To Itself The Old Way)
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Mother Earth Natural Branch Flutes  

          Mother Earth Natural Branch Flutes Anouncement

  I will be making flutes again in 2017
    Many Blessings, Danuwa & Dove
,starting Sept. 2016

 International Shipping $45.00 priority   & insured,I can ship 2 flutes for the     shipping charge above.
  Email me for  a custom invoice            before going through the shopping
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  I also consider offers email me  
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